Innovative thinking transforms ideas to a brilliant reality. 

The Byan Group is a strategic branding firm that offers a non-traditional hybrid of services. Multi-faceted by trade, we epitomize the mind of consumers in order to build your brand voice and develop your business.


Brand and Build

Byan Group works to organically building your brand's loyalty, thus creating advantages for your company. 

Brands exist in a consumer’s mind not only through an individual’s experience of a business’ products/ services, but also as a result of how a business looks and feels and what it says and stands for. 

Brand Development | Brand Management | Business Management

 Interact and Engage 

When customers believe they are getting more out of a business, they give more to it.

Business is built on your customer's experience with you on every level. Our practices humanizes your business brand through daily interaction and meaningful engagements with customers that will leave a lasting impression.

Public Relations | Business Marketing |  Social Media Management 

Plan and Execute 

From grassroots to mobile tour activations, we can leverage opportunities to maximize your brand's presence with new and existing customers. 

There is no better way to learn the human experience with your brand than face-to-face with touch-points and compelling interactive engagements.

On-site Activation | Street Team Management | Event Planning

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