You may have clicked on this blog post because you are wondering what EXACTLY does Nike’s AIR MAX DAY promotion have to do with my business/ brand or you may be a sneaker lover like myself, but either way I hop you get a take away and comment below!

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Today, March 24 is Air Max Day. Air Max is a Nike lifestyle sneaker, developed by Tinker Hatfield in 1987, the Air Max 1 shook up the footwear world thanks to its exposed Air-cushioned sole. The 2nd anniversary of the day started a hipster social media movement today with photos all over the world being posted with the hash tag, people pulling out their classic Air max and most importantly new buyers that wanted to get in on the movement.

Nike has been able to turn a legitimate date in the company’s history into a huge marketing frenzy for sneakers that are over 20 years old. It’s been able to sell some sneakers in the process, too. Instead of putting together a vast quantity of heavily pushed and promoted advertisements, the brand simply created a hashtag, contacted some influential folks, and let the whole thing spread organically.
— Matt Welty, Complex Magazine

Now to some brand relevance for you, how can you as a business owner translate this marketing campaign to fit your product or brand?

First, look at your specific industry and pick something that organically fits your audience. The key to any social media campaign is to employ people’s natural habits. For example, if you own a hardware store create a hashtag for people shopping in your store or putting their purchases to use! Photo contest require little effort and are a fun way to interact with your audiences and attract new followers.

Instagram has more than 300 million monthly active users, so it’s the perfect platform for some photo hashtag love!

Secondly, join relevant conversations. This may be tough to carve out time to something that doesn’t directly translate to dollars in the register, but it’s important to gaining more exposure for your brand! For example, this blog post! We saw the heat of the Air Max Day conversation and tied it into something relevant to the work we do everyday! Blogging or posting/tweeting with relevant hashtags puts you directly in the midst of the conversation and may grab attention of new people!

Lastly, forecast events and promotions that tie to your everyday business! The “National Holiday” phenomenon is taking over the world so find days that will speak to your audiences and create promotional campaigns around them!

The biggest takeaway from Nike’s Air Max Day for fellow businesses is to celebrate your brand often and find ways to engage the consumer!

How will you tie holidays and nationwide promotions into your brand? We are interested to know!