BWB Hey Hello

October 2016 kicks off so much around us! It's the first few days of Fall... it's the beginning of the 4th Quarter of the year and as of today, there are exactly 90 days left in 2016. For me personally, it also marks another day in my countdown to 10 years of managing, marketing and building my own business. 


Let's rewind back a bit... in 2006, I spent countless hours researching, planning and testing what was the makings of what is now Byan Group, a business strategy group. At the time, I was finishing up my Master's in Mass Communication and had already worked 5 years in the corporate world. I knew I was destined to be a vital part of building other people BUT I knew my approach to SUCCESS would be on my own terms.

Over the years, I have had some amazing wins, launched over 25 businesses and even more initiatives ( my own and client's). I have had a chance to work with some amazing names in the business, entertainment and sports world, but I also have had a lot of pitfalls I wish I could have avoided. I am a person that definitely knows how to learn from my mistakes and I also believe in paying it forward so I decided that I as I prepare to celebrate my "10 Year Anniversary of Hustle", I wanted to share my resources and tools with aspiring entrepreneurs, side-hustlers and business owners.


Allow me to introduce "Building with Byan", the go-to resource for entrepreneurs and small businesses to unlock developmental support in the areas of: business strategy and operation, marketing, web design and digital media. 

Through "Building with Byan", you can gain insightful knowledge to build the best business and marketing plans, strategies and campaigns for your business. Starting a business is not easy task and running a successful business that allows you to be AUTHENTIC in why you started it is even harder. I'm no business coach so I'm not here to sell you but I do want to see others celebrate 10 years and beyond! To stay informed on the "Building With Byan" roll out, sign up here.

The inner workings of "Building With Byan" are still underway as we gear up to launch in November but in the meantime, be sure to sign up for #morningcupofHUSTLE, a quick note that is sure to spark your thoughts, help you work towards your business goals and add a little humor to your grind.